Business Lawyer Orlando

What to Ask when interviewing business lawyer Orlando

Do you have experience? You should feel free to ask about the experience prior to you hiring him as a lawyer. Don’t be afraid, you should ask questions about them handling an incorporation before and what type of companies has he work for. Let him explain that to you and follow up with more questions.

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Do you have good connections? A corporate layer should know enough about all the areas that you are going to need help with, but he or she shouldn’t be an expert about every single area. Your business attorney should be like a general doctor that can quickly diagnose your problem, someone who can perform a small surgery but can refer you to an specialist if you need a major surgery. If your business involves protecting intellectual or copyright, such as software, or graphic designs, then they should know people in their industry that can handle that better than them.

Who are your clients? This question is very important, because you are looking for the right answer that would point to companies in your industry or niche, this will immediately tell you that they have the experience your company needs. Also, a good thing to do is to stand by the bookshelf and find out what type of books they have there, are they bankruptcy books? real estate journals? copyright literature? What kind of magazines that he or she has on their desk. The business lawyer Orlando that you are looking for should have enough experience in your field, but should not represent your competitors no matter what the legal code of ethics determines. You don’t want to risk your companies secrets to leak to your competitor, or any sensitive information.

Do you enjoy teaching? A good attorney is the one who is always willing to explain and educate your company in those legal areas where you don’t have the expertise. He or she should be sending out all type of updates on the legal matter that pertains to your company.

Are you the attorney working for us? Attorney’s are divided in 3 categories: finder, minder and grinder. Finder is the one that is in charge of getting new customers, the minder is the one that is in charge or making sure the current customers are happy and the grinder is the one doing the actual work. You most definitely want to talk to the one that is going to be doing your work, get to know him and see if it’s a person that you would feel comfortable working with.

Explain you billing. All fees are negotiable, don’t think for a minute that what their fees are set. This is a buyer’s market, there is an attorney to work for you in almost every corner of the city. Make sure you know what you are getting, some of them do incorporation and then a flat fee only if you ask. Make sure whatever you are getting seem fair and within the market’s average.

You should also be asking to hold back 10-20% of a flat fee in case that the lawyer doesn’t do the job correctly.

If a business lawyer Orlando asks you for a retainer or deposit against future fees, make sure the money will be used and not held indefinitely in escrow, and that the lawyer commits to return any unused portion of the retainer if the deal fails to close for any reason. You should be suspicious of any lawyer who offers to take an ownership interest in your business in lieu of a fee.